Tree Project

  • Started 13 years ago; our  foundation has been planting trees with the community to

improve their standard of living  and protect the environment.

  •    More than 8856 walnut and  sycamore trees have been


  • Watering trees and maintaining them requires lot of expenses -$7000 per year

We have established the following parks:

  •  In memory of national hero; Monte Melkonian
  •  Writer; Stepan Alajajian
  •  Glendale Community College
  •  Lady Carolann Cox and her pilgrims
  •  Serge Papayans park
  •  Father & son Zaven & Narek Yekavian park
  •  Yerevan State University 90th anniversary park

Parks are open to the public and people can enjoy the fruits from the trees.

  • More than 800 students every year in autumn and spring plant trees.
  • All the expenses are covered by the Foundation