Our Mission:

Gurgen Melikyan Multichildren Family Foundation of Kashatagh was founded in 1996. Our purpose is to assist multichildren families who lost everything and became refugees due to the 44-day war in Artsakh, to return home.

«Gurgen Melikyan Multichildren Family Foundation of Kashatagh» was established in 1996.

The goal of the foundation is to assist families with multiple children in Artsakh.

The Foundation undertook the following projects: Tree Planting, book publishing, cow program, student tuition, displaced multichildren families, Arpen Maternity and Child Care Center, educational scholarships, sponsor a teacher program, English teaching program for disabled veterans.

  • Tree planting: In Artsakh, more than 10000 trees walnut and sycamore trees were planted by Yerevan State University students and professors. More than 15 memorial parks were established in the Berdzor region.
  • Book Printing: It started 30 years ago. Publication of exceptional scholarly manuscripts exploring the subjects of Armenology, Armenian linguistics, the Artsakh conflict, scientific research, Armenian literature and Armenian history. More than 40 books were published-the list of published books can be seen on our website: https://www.gurgenmelikyan.com/book-program/
  • Cow Program: It started 20 years ago. More than 543 cows have been distributed to the multichildren families. Families with 3 children get 1 cow, families with 5 children get 2 cows, families with 6 children or more get 3 cows.
  • Student Tuition: It started 25 years ago. Every year, more than 100 students from Artsakh, Javakhk and Armenia receive scholarships.
  • Nominal Scholarships: The foundation provides nominal scholarships. Recipients receive scholarships after Stepan Alajajian, David & Nazeli Charchyan, Lusine Zakaryan, Khoren Palyan
  • Arpen Maternity and Child Care Center: From 1996 until now 33,750 children were born by support of our center-every month (from 3․5months pregnant) the beneficiaries receive macaroni, buckwheat, vermicelli, oil, sugar, and other supplies. During the blockade Arpen center has been supporting 72 beneficiaries.
  • Families displaced from Kashatagh region and return to live in Artsakh, are under foundation’s special attention. They receive washing machines, TVs, refrigerators, cows. Displaced families whose third child is born, receive 50,000 drams donation.
  • Sponsor a teacher program: The funds have been disbursed to the teachers and workers of the schools located on the borders of Goris-Stepanakert roadway, Hin Shen, Mets Shen, Lisagor, Yeghtsahogh and Dahrav village of the Askeran, through the Tekeyan Cultural Association. The foundation has also received food supplies through Tekeyan Cultural Association’s Armenia branch.
  • English teaching program for disabled soldiers: Disabled soldiers will be taught English by the English professors of State University which will enable them to find jobs.

Gurgen Melikian Multichildren Family Foundation of Kashatagh is designed by the IRS as a 501 c(3) tax exempt organization Tax ID # 47-2104592.